How to Choose a Canadian Cloud Web Hosting: Best Companies to Consider

Here is how to choose a Canadian cloud web hosting and best companies to consider for your new online project! Read this article and find out more!

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Reviewing each Canadian cloud web hosting service provider takes a lot of research, and, of course, time. That is why we have decided to do the research for you and help you choose the best web hosting company and start your online project as soon as possible.
Before we present you the best companies you should consider, allow us to present you the website hosting checklist which will help you choose the right hosting provider:

  • Canadian compatibility – Can your prices be in Canadian dollars and does the shopping cart include direct shipping via Canada Post? These are the first questions you need to ask before selecting a certain web hosting company.
  • Type of website – Are you using WordPress? Will you be drop shipping? Will you need a shopping cart? Does the host have a SSL certificate or Secure Sockets Layer certificate for secure shopping? The answers to these questions will help you determine the type of website.
  • Type of hosting plan – Will shared hosting be a suitable solution for your current hosting needs at least for one year? Will you be able to upgrade smoothly if necessary and will the future upgrade options work for you? If you have serious plans for the future, we highly recommend you to choose a dedicated web server so you won’t have to go through the troubles of upgrading later.
  • Email – Exactly how many email addresses so they allow? This is really important and you should definitely check it.
  • Security – You need to make sure the hosting service provider uses modern software and equipment, back-ups, virus and hacker scanning, and etc. Also, you may want to consider where the website servers are located as there are different local laws that apply and should be respected. Usually, Canadians trust sites more if they are designed and hosted in Canada.
  • Load time – There are some shared web hosting plans which can be really slow. You should always ask about speed policies. You need to ask if they can provide you with certain links to sites they host for you so you can test those websites at different times throughout the day.
  • Eco-friendly – There are some cloud web hosting service providers that offer eco-friendly services and wind-powered servers. GreenGeeks, put 3x energy they use back into the grid and this is done through wind energy.
  • Website builder – It doesn’t matter whether or not you are familiar with HTML, the best and the easiest way to create and design a website is if you use a website builder. There are many hosting companies that come with a mobile-friendly website builder which can be of a great assistance for you and your team.
  • Website migrations – If you already have a website and you are planning to change web hosts, you will want to know whether or not the new web host will do the move for you and exactly how much that will cost you?

After careful research, we’ve discovered that GreenGeeks is without a doubt the best solution and probably the best web hosting service provider on the Canadian market. Besides GreenGeeks, you should also give these hosting services a try:

  • Dynamic Hosting (this company is based in Canada and the servers are also located in Canada)
  • Stormweb Hosting (the company, as well as, the servers are also based in Canada)
  • Sibername (the company and the servers are based in Canada)
  • HostPapa (based in Canada)
  • Siteground Hosting
  • Fat Cow
  • Little Oak Web Hosting

Make the right choice! Good luck!

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