A domain WHOIS search represents an online activity that literally any Internet users can utilize in order to perform a domain name search. Whenever a search like this is performed, people can expect to find relatively private info related to the domain name they are interested in. It turns out that this type of information can be quite handy to more than one interested party.

First of all, this information can be used by the website owner. They can conduct a domain WHOIS search in order to identify the status of the domain name servers – are they updated or not? Typically, it takes a few hours to get a DNS change. In some cases, this change can last for up to 48 hours. Once the update is finished, both primary and secondary DNS will become visible in the search results. As you are probably aware, this is an obvious sign that the update has been finished.

Next, there are many individuals that are showing interest in specific domain names, only to find out that these names are taken. But, if they perform a WHOIS search, they can learn more about the expiry date. So, it’s possible to try to buy the domain name in case it’s not renewed. Additionally, they can get in touch with the domain name owner and try to buy it directly. As you know, the contact info is available publicly.

Unfortunately, there are many spammers that want to perform domain WHOIS search because in this way they can gather email addresses from website owners. After that, they are sending emails to these email addresses trying to sell some services or products. Keep in mind that sending spam emails is not legal. Yet, every day, people are getting thousands of spam emails.

Finally, there are some hackers that are taking advantage of domain WHOIS search too. They use this option to find where a specific website is hosted. After that, they are doing their best to penetrate the servers. This is what DDOS attack is all about. In this way, they can bring the website down causing a lot of problems to the website owners.

So, domain WHOIS search can be used for many different things. If you want to stay protected from spammers and hackers it is the best idea to use the privacy option when registering a domain name. You just have to pay a small amount of money to keep your personal information hidden from the public.

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